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Friday, April 13, 2012

Project: Decorate my Room Progress:15%

I decided to decorate my room the other day so I started my little project. My goal is : make at least 1000 paper cranes and hang them on the ceiling

2.make as many butterflies as I can and put them beautifully on one of my walls.

3.print some photos and stick them on another wall. [I think Imma print some Danbo pictures . i really love Danbo.:X]

I.m at about 15 %?? I.m not that good at math but by estimating I decided that is around 15 %.

Why? Because I hanged only 241 of 400 paper cranes already done , and I still have 600 more to make. ugh:X

These are the cranes I already hanged on the ceiling.

And the ones i have left.

I also plan to make some "Congratulations Crane"[Which Is today's Origami Pill.keke]

4 comentarii:

  1. Imi plac mult ultimii cocori. De unde ai luat diagrama? ;;)

  2. am gasit un filmulet pe internet.

    Am postat pe blog :

  3. Am vazut dupa aia :) Mersi mult.


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