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Monday, April 9, 2012

Origami Pill "Butterfly" been thinking for a while now to try the butterflies and this project gave me the perfect opportunity. I haven.t made many of them but I love them and I believe I.m gonna make some more.[this time bigger.keke]

They are soo easy to make I couldn.t believe it myself.
Here are some photos. Sry again for the low quality but I[unfortunately] don.t own a camera[yet:)]

In the background you can see my Christmas snowflakes. I know it.s long gone but I absolutely love winter and I couldn.t bear to put them in a box so I got the idea to put them on my rooms wall.
[you can notice the butterflies in the corner too.keke]

Ok that was the Origami Pill for the day. Here is a vid if any of you would be keen to try making a butterfly . I would love to what you came up with.

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