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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hei there~A little request  from you my beautiful followers and readers.
I had a few problems with my facebook account a few days ago [facebook decided that my blog link is actually spammy so all my photos were blocked. Yayy for me right??] and I finally managed to put it back together somehow.  Soo..please visit me and if you have a fb account don.t hesitate to follow me and show me some love there too.hehe

Quilltique Paradise Facebook Page♥

That was it for now.

Have yourselves a great day filled with smiles and inspiration~


2 comentarii:

  1. Hi hun i have clicked on your FB page, i adore your work just stunning!!! i do some quilling but iv'e never shown my work yet!

  2. Hi Jules~ Thank you very much.
    Why not? I would love to see your work. I.m sure it is great.



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