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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hi there~ i just got this email from one of the artists that inspired me and it got me thinking. I still have lots to learn and i.m not fully familiar with the whole copyright thing..I dont know where copying starts and recreating begins...I dont even know if they are the same thing.I.m still confused..I just thought that giving proper credit to those amazing artists that inspired me was enough..cuz thats what I.m hoping to do for others. inspire..and I dont find it wrong..but it .seems that it is.?

So I want to properly apologize to every artist outhere that find anything of theirs in my projects. It is not my intention to steal.If thats what u believe it is then thats why I want to apologize ..I.m still at the start..I still have a loong way to go and all I looked for in ur projects was a starting that I can reinvent..and find my own technique.I still think that even if there is something from another person/from you in my work you clearly can see my own touch..and my own twist .. ..I don.t want to offend anyone..I have the most respect for you guys cuz I know how hard it is to create smth unique..and smth new. Thats why if smth inspires me..doesnt mean I.ll instantly try to copy that means I try to recreate it..and see how far I can go to transform it.

And if I do try to actually copy ur work is for personal development only..To see how my limits and whats the best quilling technique that suits me.And thats only till I find my own taste and skill.

Again I am sorry and If u find I did u wrong and want me to remove any of my works just tell me..If after this u still consider I "stole" anything I will be glad to remove any of my projects from my blog.

Thank you~

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  1. Imi pare rau ca ai patit asa ceva. Atata timp cat spui ca te-a inspirat "Artistul" X acesta ar trebui sa se simta flatat. Mai ales ca nu am vazut nici o lucrare la tine copiata la indigo. Inclusiv la masca, dantelaria nu se compara cu cea din original - ai venit cu futurasii si cu creionul/pixul argintiu care au dat un aspect aparte lucrarii.

  2. PS
    Acum am vazut si postarea ta de la masca. Nici eu nu m-am prins din poza ca era quilling :) No, asta e, se mai intampla. Nu trebuie sa iti faci sange rau pt asta.

  3. Sunt complet de acord Diana insa stiu si de ce acea persoana s.a simtit asa..este lucrarea ei pana la urma si vrea sa fie recunoscuta pentru ea..insa eu consider ca pentru fiecare lucrare a mea care este inspirata de undeva..catusi de putin am dat am specificat daca nu am stiut autorul tot am pus poze.

    Tot raul spre bine.Am invatat ceva din chestia asta...singurul lucru "rau" este ca acum o sa fiu mai precauta cand o sa ma las inspirata de lucrarile altor artisti.



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