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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Long time no see~

Hi everybody.It has been a while since my last publication and I.m still not back with any quilled work. I haven.t found any time to do that anymore. But I will. Soon I promise. Till then how about I share some of my thoughts?

As I already told I am not a good writer and I am terrible with words. I find soo many of you that can express themselves through words that I am jealous of you. Seriosly. There have been a few days since I kept thinking of writting  but  I still haven.t came up with some concrete words  so I decided to just go with it.What can go wrong??
 Thats the way I have decided to begin my life as a student. It has been 3 weeks already and I feel like I can.t cope with anything and all is too much.  But I just realised that I am making it more difficult. I am making this experience soo awful that I am afraid I won.t enjoy it. I can.t have that.

So today I just signed up to join  AIESEC , an international volunteering organization for students in my town. Thinking of my last 4 years I found out that I didnt do much...I good grades..made a few friends in my class but thats about it..I didnt do anything else and I could have done soo much more. I volunteer..I sign for competitions.. a good girl that I am I decided to change that and learn from my mistakes to make my experience as a student a great one and learn as much as possible. and I strongly believe AIESEC is going to help me do just that.
A few hours ago I was unsure..I would read all about it and try to fill in the registration form but couldn.t find the courage to send it but luckily for me I found this blog, Jacqueline's blog, where she tells her readers how her choice with  AIESEC was one of the best.[she was a member a few years ago] She speaks of all the things she learned from them and all the great experiences she had that she just convinced me..she made me go right ahead the end What Can go wrong?? It can.t hurt right?It can.t kill me thats for sure.
She also made me realise that life is short and I can.t lose the precious time..and that if I want to do something to go all in or not at all.

 So I am full of determination today..lets hope that won.t fade out..seeing my past:)) but I am determined to go all in and to finally go according to my motto : "Shut up and run" heheh.
I am not sure if my thoughts got out the way I wanted but one thing is for sure..after sharing this I feel so much better and I feel like now I HAVE to do everything to accomplish my goals. I also hope that I can inspire those who are still uncertain and don.t know what to do to find theiir way. Life is too short to waste it with things half done. Just do what you do best but do it great.Go all IN~

Till next time take care of you and I hope you won.t forget me and my blog. I promise I will come back with some quilled stuff. i have some ideas. Please anticipate it.


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  1. Thanks for coming by!! :) It was so good to hear from you :) I've missed seeing your posts!! I was thinking about you today too LOL Someone got a Liebster award and you have to pass it on to five people.. so I was sitting there thinking.. who would I give it to?? And I thought.. Oh .. Definitely You!! :)

    Good luck with your goal.. I think it is fantastic that you are joining that organization!! My oldest, Taylor - 18 yrs old, just started University this year. She is doing things and enjoying her time as a student. I think its important.. I just told her I was so proud of her for getting involved! And I'm proud of you too for taking that step!

  2. The first semester is the hardest so, do not lose hope. I think it is great that you joined AIESEC!

    Good luck with your goal as Susan said, and enjoy!

  3. Madalina.. go check out my post here:

  4. life is to short, so go for your goals and enjoy life and what it has to give !!!!

  5. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!” - Helen Keller
    Enjoy life!
    Everything is an adventure!
    And it WILL be fun!

  6. I remember going through so many of those thoughts when I was your age. It's all a matter of time before you feel comfortable with who you are and what you're doing. In terms of expressing yourself, practicing does help but I feel that you're already great at it! Good grades are not a bad way to pave the road for the future, but it's fantastic that you're seeking other ways to enhance your experiences in life--it's so important to be able to apply everything you learn instead of just passively living the present. Of course it's an added plus that you're helping others, so win-win! I love your positive attitude and keep at it!

  7. I am passing you the Sunshine Award!!!



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