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Friday, April 20, 2012

Origami Pill "Lucky Stars"

I haven.t come up with any origami pills lately. Think it is time. Today I.m sharing with you Lucky Stars. These are actually my first ever origami project. Actually my first paper project. keke. I really love them.  
I made lots of stars but most of them ended as presents for my friends. This is the only "bottle" I have left. 

If I can convince my friend to make some photos of her "bottle"  i will update later.

If you want to make a friend happy or simply want to make them for yourself you can start learning how to make these stars rn. It.s soo easy. I would make  a tutorial myself but I can.t .I don.t know how. LOL
But this is helpful I have watched it and it explains really well.

Enjoy and good luck~ Please show me ur work if u decided to make some stars urself.

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