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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi there. I know I haven.t updated for a while but I wasn.t lazy either. So here are my latest cards. i have made them with valentines in mind but I think some of them can work anytime. I.ll let you decide. hope you.ll  like them.

for this one the background paper.s colour is pink.and the heart is made with red and a brighter red. My phone didn.t capture that though.Sry

These cards are really precious to me but most of the pple that saw them didn.t know what it represents at first. The first 2 respresents the girl and the last one the boy. I really liked the idea and I wanted to try it. Wht do you think?? They look weird but in a kinda cute way .[for me at least haha]

<Everytime I see you I feel as if one hundred butterflies are fluttering around in my belly>

 <Will you be my prince charming?>
<Let me be your prince charming!>

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